A Season Has Come

Amber (left) Alley (right)
This page is dedicated to Amber Joy Smith whose mother is Allison Lukens diagnosed March 17-2000 with ALS.

~Thank you Amber~ God bless you~

A season has come to many, Many who once lived life running about, Full of vibrant steps, Who shook hands with people as they passed one another, Who gabbed late into the night with family and friends, Now they sit not knowing who to turn to, With heavy hearts they long to help others, But must instead ask for the help of others, For one has come to kill and destroy, To steal their joy,

But never once do they give up in their battle, The front-line they will stand, Until no one else ever has too fall. A season has come to many, The leaves fall to the ground and scatter about to grow in the world, The raging storms come and go, Causing coal to turn into bright diamonds, Diamonds to shine down upon the world,

The flowers of values that have been bestowed bloom, As the father's son shines brightly upon them, The white petals fall for these people, The heavens sing sweet songs for them, As each day another stone is rolled away, Another rain drop shed from above, When it will stop only he knows.

A season has come to many, As they travel through the blazing fire, As they take a step of faith and endure all, Rewards of greater things are being prepared, Do not forget these martyrs lives they lead, To teach us all to live like children again,

To be full of hope, To accept our season, To work for others, To care for others, But most of all to dream for what seems like the impossible, For as our season passes, We too must leave behind seeds to be scattered in the wind, If only we too can scatter plants so magnificently about, If we too will refuse to allow the battle to be conquered, If only we will stand today and fight with them, Only then will we bare them justice.

Written by: ©Amber Joy Smith for the many who live daily with ALS.



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