A Shepherd in Sheep's Clothing

Why can't I walk, God? And why can't I play?
And wrestle the kids At the end of each day?

Why can't it be Like it always was before?
Why can't I play tennis Or run anymore?
I don't understand, God, And, the price is too steep..
And the echo came back, Just go feed my sheep.

Easy for you, You're a shepherd by trade.
Just a rod and a staff, and you've got it made.
You seem to forget, That I was also a sheep...
A sacrificed lamb. The cross, too, is steep.
And all that I ask For your role to be,
Is when people see you, They also see me.
Because, Bob, we're together While climbing this hill.

We're living each day Seeking God's will.
A miracle is happening, And joy follows sorrow.
But we need a perfect vantage point From which to view tomorrow.

Your weakness makes me stronger, And my strength is all you need.
By my stripes you're healed already, So let's find a flock to feed.

.....Bob Ivey, ALS Patient
August 5, 2022 - July 11, 2022



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