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Aids in Daily Living

Devices such as eating utensils, large gripped devices that help pick up items, extra long shoehorn, built-up handle makes buttoning and zipping clothing easier. Canes, walkers.

Home Modifications like wheelchair ramps, widening doorways changing door knobs to levers can mean the difference between dependence and independence for some. Medicare does not cover these modifications, nor do most private insurance.

Wheelchairs are generally covered if the insured meets coverage guidelines, such as being unable to walk short distances (less than 50 feet).


Disability Products Disability Products offers secure shopping for assistive devices that support independent living for seniors, the handicapped and disabled, or those with a medical condition or injury.
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Wheelchairs and Mobility

Power Wheelchair Controllers

Ramps and Lift Systems

Home modifications can be very costly and can take a long time to be completed. It is important that you work with an ALS specialist or someone with experience with ALS patients to see if there is equipment available which may minimize the need for modifications. Also, your consultant must understand the progressive nature of ALS in order to plan home modifications which will be of use to you in the future.

The most obvious home modification is the installation of a ramp. Ramps are necessary where there is a step or several steps and should be equipped with guardrails and handrails. For referrals to contractors in your area who do home modifications, call your nearest Independent Living Center. Remember to ask within your community for referrals. Check with support group members, friends, church groups, clinics and others who may have done home modifications to find contractors who worked with others successfully to modify their homes.


Access Unlimited www.Accessunlimited.com

AlumiRamp,Inc. www.alumiramp.com

American Ramp Systems www.americanramp.com

Barrier Free Lifts, Inc. www.bflift.com

Bruno www.Bruno.com

CM Solutions www.cmworks.com

Handi-Ramp, Inc. www.handiramp.com

Homecare Products, Inc. www.Homecareproducts.com

Med-Lift, Inc.

Rand-Scot Inc. www.easypivot.com Manufactures Bye-Bye Decubiti wheelchair cushions, EasyPivot Patient Lift transfer machines, Personal Folding Stander standing frames, Saratoga Cycle exercise products for persons with disabilities

Rehab Designs www.Rehabdesigns.com

Viewpoint Mobility www.viewpointmobility.com

Environmental Control

Automatic Door Openers and Environmental Control Units for Disabled

Break Boundaries offers REACH, and Environmental Control unit. "Assistive Technologies and Electronic Aids to Daily Living for People with Disabilities at Home and Residential Care Facilities"
Break Boundaries
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Quartet Technologies
Simplicity TM Series EC using Voice and/or Switches

 ZYGO Industries - Environmental Control Systems


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