If you look into her eyes you'll see confusion
And the shadow of the fear that comes and goes
If you listen to her lies you'll hear illusion
Cause she prefers to think nobody knows.

If you ask how she is doing, she will tell you
That she's fine, just maybe somewhat tired these days
But the image that the girl is trying to sell you
Is as hollow as a politician's praise.

And she knows we care
And we're always there
But her struggle has a solitary side
We can hold her hand
Say we understand
But her struggle has that solitary side
And sometimes she has to go in there to hide.

If you want to talk about it, she might listen
But like as not you'll see her pull away
And the corners of her eyes are gonna glisten
But before they become tears, they're wiped away.

Chorus Repeated

And we can think we know what she's been going through
But you never really know, until it's you.

Chorus Repeated

Yes sometimes she has to hide away inside.

W. Paul Hansen
Ladner, British Columbia, Canada