Jeff Young

Friends of Jeff is a community of individuals that have rallied to the aid of ALS victim Jeff Young and his daughter.

As a single father living on a fixed income, Jeff cannot possibly meet all of the financial challenges associated with such a catastrophic illness

The friends of Jeff are all who have contributed in any way to easing the burden this illness has brought to Jeff and his daughter. All those making financial contributions, contributions of time and effort, and words and gestures of encouragement and support make up the community we call Friends of Jeff.

Gerald Graves Founder Gerald has known Jeff since they competed against each other on the basketball court in grade school. Gerald first conceived of the idea for Friends of Jeff in 1996. Working with Michelle and Julia Hall, Gerald's brainchild was kicked off in October of 2000.

Gerald is a Senior Vice President with M Financial in Portland, Oregon. He resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with his wife, Karen, their son, Griffin, and their daughter, Callista.

Michelle Baldwin Michelle has known Jeff since 1974 when they were 7th Grade classmates in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Michelle assumed the position as President of Friends of Jeff just before the organization's kickoff in October of 2000. Michelle is the Founder, CEO, and President of Federal Research Corporation in Washington D.C. She resides in Potomac, Maryland with her husband, George, and their daughters, Olivia and Abigail.

Mollie Wolfe Like Michelle, Mollie has known Jeff since the 7th Grade. She has worked closely with Michelle on this project since August of 2000. Mollie owns and operates her own import business- M.J. Wolfe Custom Tibetan Carpets. Mollie currently resides in Tualitin, Oregon, with her husband, Larry, their daughter, Maddy, and their son, Davis. Contact:

Julia Hall Julia has known Jeff since grade school and began working with Gerald on the formation of FOJ in 1998. Julia resides in Portland, Oregon, with her husband John, their daughter, Courtney, and their son, Carson. Julia and her husband are partners in Cuneo Cellars winery in Carlton, Oregon.

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