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At the young age of 54, our mother and wife Ann Elizabeth Flanagan was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2004. On the early snowy morning of December 9th 2005 she was taken home. Finally free from her prison and given her "perfect wings". From her first symptom in her left hand to her last breath, ALS ravaged through her body in only one year. Through all this she fought till the end never to give up. Her courage and strength will always be our guiding light. Mom, we love you to the moon and back!

Love Always and Forever, Your loving husband Bill and daughters Taryn and Keira

My dad, Melvin J Miller passed away on 3-17-04 after being diagnosed in April 2001 of ALS. Dad was a very special individual who believed in hope. He faced this disease with quiet strength and dignity. This is the poem we placed on the his obituary: There is never a life without sadness, There is never a heart free from pain: If one seeks in this world for true solace, He seeks it forever in vain. So when to your heart comes the sorrow, Of losing some dear one you've known; Tis the touch of God's sickle at harvest, Since He reaps in the fields He has sown. We love and miss you, Dad. Love Marilyn, Chase, Marsha, Vanessa, Dak, Alex and your loving wife Jan. ~Marilyn Usselman

Harriet (Gram) Stewart Died of ALS Jan 30th, 2004 We miss her very much.

Tony Harcar III Born August 23,2022 Diagnosed October 2000 Passed away November 25, 2021

You were there son for everyone both young and old. It was during the hardest time of your life that God gave us all a chance to give back some of what you had given to so many. I thank God and you my son for choosing me to be your Mom and your caregiver along side your lovely wife, children, dad, brother, sisters and dearest friends.

~I love you my son. Mom~

My Brother Mike Cunningham passed away on February 3rd 2005. He was diagnosed in 1998.

At first we were all devastated by this diagnosis but, Mike decided that he was going to live his life to the fullest. He continued to teach and coach wrestling and Football at West Albany High School with a postitve attitude. He wanted no pity. He believed that with the same determination he used to achieve his dreams of becoming a teacher and coach he would apply that same energy to finding a cure. He traveled extensively in search of alternative treatments. He worked tirelessly on his own theories and research often impressing Dr.'s who specialized in this field. He considered this to be his biggest challenge and we all thought that if any one could beat this disease he would be the one to do so. Even when he lost his speech and the use of his limbs he did'nt give up the fight. His motto was W.I.N. "Whatever is nessesary." He inspired a whole town and he will continue to be an inspiration to all who knew him. God bless you Michael, we love you.~ Patsy Geer

This is in special remembrance of my mom. My mothers name was Kitty Thomas, she was born June 2, 2022 and went on to be with the LORD June 30, 2003. She was a very special lady who touched everyone with her gentle loving ways. She was a dedicated wife for 32 years. She was diagnosed with ALS March 6, 2022 and died June 30, 2003, so this didn't give us much time to even begin to except that we were going to loose her. She was my strength and the greatest mom that any one could ask for. When I lost her a part of me was lost also. I still miss her as much today as I did the day we buried her. But I have no regrets of anything. I did all that I could and spent as much time as possible with her. The last words that we exchanged was "I LOVE YOU MOMMY, she whispered "I LOVE YOU TOO BABY". I will forever treasure these words. In Loving memory of my mother "Kitty Thomas"

John Gardner passed away at 62 years young from ALS. The courage and strength and love shown in the 8 short months after the diagnosis of ALS was memorable. My Dad's lessons and memory will be treasured and missed every day. I love you DAD! I wish we had more time.

Harriet (Gram) Stewart Died of ALS Jan 30th, 2004 We miss her very much.

Steven R. Martin Born 1/27/60 Diagnosed 8/1/97 Passed away 9/25/2001 His huge smile is missed by all. His wife Susie and son Andrew.

Shirley L. Root 06-21-1949 11-25-2004 In the very early hours of Thanksgiving morning my sister lost her battle with ALS. I will miss her each and every day the rest of my life, but now she is free from this debilatating disease and flying with the angels. I love you, Joan Payne

"I lost my best friend and brother Donald E. Henthorn II from this cruel disease. He was diagnosed on February 1, 2022 and lost his battle on June 2, 2004. He is now free from the prison that had held him and for that I'm extremely thankful. I have shared more laughter than tears and have felt more joy than sorrow this past week. To my brother, I miss you and keep an eye on me until we meet again. I'll bring the orange Fanta and cinnamon rolls!!" Elizabeth Henthorn

On thursday evening, May 6, 2004, my aunt, Anna Marie Borysewicz, of Glastonbury, Connecticut lost her battle with ALS. She was just 57 years young. My hope for the future is that we keep pushing for a cure, and never loose hope for those who have ALS and the caregivers of the loved ones with it. ~May God Bless you all.~ ~Donna Marie Taylor

My Dad, Robert Brown. Born on 03-18-1960 Died on 03-18-1999 He was diagnosed with ALS in 1998. We took care of him at home on a vent. He was the bravest man through all of this. He never allowed the disease to get him down he stayed strong through it all. With each day that passes, we miss him, but also know that while he was here with us he had a purpose and that was to be in each of our lives and show us love and understanding. Mom, my brother and I love him very much. Kimberlee Brown

In Honer of My sisters: Arlene E. Jordan Born 09-30-1935 Died 07-25-1998 Carole A. Gomes Born 10-20-1948 Died 09-20-2003 Brave souls both, they courageously battled ALS with strength and dignity. They were incredible women, at last called home, their lives having fulfilled the greatest purpose on Earth, that of giving and sharing love. They will never be forgotten.

Joel E. Thomas Diagnosed with ALS in November 2000. Passed away August 14, 2002. He was 45 years old. Never was there a more courageous warrior than this man, battling a disease that is cruel beyond description. We will always remember that smile that made people wonder what you were thinking. Love and Miss You! Al & Stacy Burgau

Norman Hughes Register DOB: August 1,2022 Death: June 12, 2022 Daddy, you will always live in my heart.~

Garry William Price Born July 6 1961 Died September 15 2003 We All Love And Miss U Gar, Forever In Our Thoughts MAM, DAD, Robert, Stephen, Sharon, Ieuan, Eve and Donna.

Desmond Erich Schulemann July 14, 2022 - June 2, 2022 I love and miss you Daddy!!! Your daughter, Desiree

Michael O. Meisel Mike lost his battle with ALS on Easter Sunday, 4/20/2003. He was born on 10/26/62. His loving parents and brothers

Carol Lee Cordes May 11, 2022 Diagnosed May 2001 Died February 21, 2022 She was our "Funny Valentine." We loved her and she loved us. Elizabeth, Vladimir, Eric, Cathy, Dora and Adele Her children Eric II, Alex, Nick, Ben, Olivia, and Natalie~ Her beloved grandchildren

Priscilla Dee Melugin Carter Born August 26, 2022 Died October 17, 2022 (2 weeks after diagnosis) Mother of six children: Euell, Kaye, Karla, Randy, Kerry and Suzette Wife of Kenneth Everett Carter(deceased)

Brian Fagan, Born 12/04/45, diagnosed July 1999, died 14/12/02. loving husband to Katheen and dad to Brian, Margaret, Marie and Kathleen- sadly missed.

Doretha Thomas Diagnosed with ALS in April of 2000 and passed away July of 2000. ALS affected my mother's respiratory more than her physical abilities. Although the disease took her away quicker then expected, I am somewhat relieved that she did not have to suffer. My mother is truly missed and will be forever in our hearts. Carmita Haynes (daughter) Iyana, Imani and Ian Haynes (grandchildren)

Evangeline Alarcon Guiher Diagnosed with ALS in September of 2000, died at age 57 on Jan 3, 2002. "You and me against the world" by Helen Reddy was her favorite song. We love you Ma- Marion, Nesty, Weny, Andrew and Ayet (her children).

Lonnie Isacc Macon Born May 28th 1931 Died August 3rd 2001 "Died of ALS a year after diagnosis. Love and miss him dearly. Ariane Macon Edgecomb and the Macon family!"

Michael Francis McKenna Born 12-14-1948 Diagnosed in September 1998 Passed away on 11- 27- 2001 "He fought a very hard battle right up to the end" Kelly McKenna, daughter

Clara Sue Estes She was born on 01/03/1930, and she lost her battle with ALS on 12/29/1983, at the young age of 53 "We love you! " The Estes Family

Ernest Eugene "Gene" Hetherwick Born June 26, 2022 Died May 22, 2022 We miss you Daddy!

Jose Luis Vargas Born: April 6, 2022 Died: April 25, 2022 He was an angel here on earth and taught everyone around him so many wonderful things. Now he is an angel to all those who need him. We love and miss him dearly and we are all extremely thankful that we were blessed with his presence for as long as we did, although not as long as we selfishly wanted. His warm spirit, wisdom, and love will stay in our hearts until we meet again.... we love you!!!! (His wife, Luisa, his children: Mariely, Joel, Luiset, and Yajaira, and grandchildren: Christian, Jonatan, Jomaris, and Valerie)

Lorraine Richardson 12/25/41 - 6/21/2001 "Three times a lady, we will always love you."

Sureda Fae Mayberry Born: 11-07-2022 Died: 06-14-2000

Barbara Jean Tibbitt Williamson She was born February 23, 2022 Diagnosed with ALS in July 1999 Lost the battle to ALS on August 05, 2022 "We Love You and Miss You Mommy!" Melissa, Nicholas, Meagan, Melanie & Mallory (Her children)

Christina Rene' Bates Born 1978 Died 08-28-01

Dianne Morford co-designer of the national ALS awareness ribbon diagnosed September 1996 and passed away June 2001

Pat Ori Born 11-09-2022 Died 05-18-2001

Deborah Jean Dawson Born 08-16-1950 Died 11-14-2000

Keith Schexnayder Born 03-24-59 Died 04-02-00

Dennis l. Smith Born 07-6-50 Died 11-27-00

Lewis "Ham" Hoffman Died 01-22-00 Born 12-15-35

Marilyn Ann Battelli Born: 03-28-35 Died: 02-12-00

Arthur "Bill" Drennan Born June 21-1950 Died August 24 -2000

Ada Maye Spaulding Born April 01-1921 Died May 30-2000

Billy Currie Born 03-02-2022 Died 06-29-2000

Lloyd Alan Alspaugh Born 05-20-49 Died 02-25-93

Joseph Lester Williams Born 08-21-1939 Died 07- 07-2000

Sydney Burrows Born 08 - 02-1929  Died 05 -21-2000

Gust Maras Born 12-27-1927 Died 05-01-2022

Gary Oickle Born 11- 30-1953 Died 04-07-2022

Opal Marie Williams Born April 1, 2022 Died June 28, 2022

Calvin Williams Jr. Born January 1, 2022 Died October 3, 2022

E. Arlie Born 09-21-1918 Died 10-04-2022

Jim "Catfish" Hunter Born 04-08-2022 Died 09-09-99

Robert W. Barringer Born 09-14-1952 Died 04-28-1999

Bill Hemsing Died 04-21-1999

John Boyd Morris Died 02 -03-1999

Gary Nicklas Died 02-26-1999

Jason Andrew Davis Died 12-25-1998

Michael Zaslow Born 11-01-2022 Died 12- 06-1998

Steve Killeen Died 06-20-1998

Lloyd May

Mary Clark Born 09-04-26 Died 05-17-96

Earl Lynell Register Died 03-27-1999

Paul Carp Born 06-16-08 Died 06-08-85

Marian Louise Hill Tarkington Born 11-26-1929 "Died on 12-3-2022 at 9:00 pm in Bayside Hospital in a coma for 48 hours with a cancer calld Leukemia she was 72 years old. I really loved her." Michael Bruce Warren jr