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October 1, 2004 

Debbie and I and the entire Tope's Hope walk team would like to thank you for your generous gift to this year's Walk to d'feet ALS. Our team had set a goal of $1000 but with everyone's hard work and generous gifts, we have collected $2386. We had 13 walkers on our team which means that we almost doubled our walkers and more than tripled our money over last year. The Columbus walk was a huge success. We had almost 1400 walkers and to date have collected $128,000. Cincinnati and Dayton, which are also part of our chapter, posted similar numbers.

Debbie and I are very excited by these numbers because it means that the word is finally getting out about ALS. It is also great because alot of this money will be used for research to hopefully find the cure. There is alot of exciting research in the works and with continued funding, much can be accomplished. A part of the money will also be used for patient services and advocacy.

We again thank you for your generosity and invite you to be a part of next year's Tope's Hope walk team. We also invite you to Debbie's web-site to keep up with the latest news on ALS or to simply learn more about this devastating disease.

Chris Tope
Tope's Hope Team Captain

Team Captain Chris Tope - Karleen Tope - Georgia Duschka
Debbie Tope - Peggy Walker - Jeanne Young
Tara, Mike, Jeff and Jenny
Trudie, Pamela and Rachel Mckibben

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