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December 23 2005
"Tope's Hope" has a new total $3, 011.80 !!

November, 29, 2005
"Tope's Hope" total is $2,811.80 !!

October 12, 2022
Jennifer Worful Event Coordinator Volunteer for the  Western Ohio Chapter Walk To D'Feet ALS has updates for the walk.

UPDATE 10-11-05
Our new "Tope's Hope Team" total is $2,711.80 

September 28, 2022

Dear Team Members and Supporters,

The 2005 Walk to D'Feet ALS was once again a success. I wanted to get this letter of appreciation out quickly so as of yet I do not have any totals for the walk but we have been told that everything is looking great.

 Our team "Tope's Hope" was a great part of this success. We had 32 team members this year and to date have raised $1851.80 but we still have donations coming in. If you have more donations, it is not too late to send them to us. Our goal is $3,000.00.

Debbie and I would like to thank each of you for your hard work and generosity to make this year's walk a success. Thank you for the money you collected and donated and the time many of you spent on a beautiful Sunday morning walking with us. It showed Debbie how much each of you care for her and support her. Debbie and I appreciate each of you and would again would like to thank you.

Chris Tope
Tope's Hope Team Captain


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