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04/18/2007: "Welcome to Moments with Debbie!"

It seems that one of the most popular pages on my web-site Focus on ALS is the My Story page, so I decided to follow the internet trend and start a blog to share some of my thoughts about life with ALS and life in general. I think that many people are curious as to why I am living so long with this disease, maybe that is why the My Story page is viewed so often, so I will try to share some of my every day life and my thoughts on this. I invite you and encourage you to add your comments about my blog postings. It is a way to add your point of view, ask a question, or start a discussion.

I titled this "Moments with Debbie" simply because I hope to add just small entries once a week or so and not long political ramblings. Please check back often and feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments or even a topic idea for this blog.

If you have an ALS related blog that you would like to share please e-mail me and I will add you to the blog links to the right. I know that there are alot of ALS blogs out there but I will not link to any without the owner's request or permission.

I do hope that you find this new addition to my website both useful and informative and that you come back often.......................Debbie

"Being optimistic and finding inspiration and happiness in the small simple pleasures of life"___Debbie Tope

Debbie 2008

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