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03/31/2008: "EarthCam"

Only a few hours left in March! Where has this month gone? Time seems to go extra fast when you spend hours of each day on the computer. I think I will enjoy April more anyway. I have three sisters and we all share April birthdays. Two of my sisters are about a 30 minute drive from us and the third, Georgia, lives in Washington State. Georgia recently visited Hawaii and while there we text messaged & e-mailed each other almost daily and for fun used some sayings in the Hawaiian language. I have never been to Hawaii so I Googled for the language and some sayings to use. While searching one day, I stumbled on to EarthCam which are webcams that they place at businesses and key locations that sounded interesting. I found one placed at a business near where Georgia was staying in Waikiki called the Tiki Grill and Bar so we set a time to "meet" and while Chris talked to her on the cell phone, he directed her to the camera to smile and wave! I was able to get a screen shot of her and her husband Chuck! That was so neat, we felt as if we were having lunch together! If I could only have been there in person, Chris and I would be slamming down Margaritas. :-) I'm going to check out EarthCam at www.earthcam.com for places in Washington State. --Debbie

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